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Pecos Pit BBQ Truck #1


Pecos Pit BBQ Truck #1 Schedule

Location 3 - 40-26 1st Shift

3003 West Casino Road, Everett, WA, 98204

5/25/2021, 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

About Pecos Pit BBQ Truck #1

Pecos Pit Bar-B-Que™ Restaurants trace their roots to 1980 when Ron & Debra Wise opened Pecos Pit Bar-B-Que™ in Seattle, WA on 1st Avenue South. They served two essential ingredients to their customers, warm welcomes and smoked meats. Their delicious alder smoked, slow roasted beef and pork soon became legendary. Their habit-forming slow cooked sandwiches with piles of meat and an addicting sauce became wildly acclaimed. The sauce alone was a real point of distinction, separating those who stood in line by how daring they would be. “Mild” for those sanely enjoying the meat, “Medium”, which to most is adventurously hot, and “Hot” for those who don’t mind their hair on fire. Three heats, only one sauce. It became known as “The Only Sauce”. Pecos Pit humbly began in an old open-air gas station—stand in line in rain or shine or don’t bother. And line up they did. Devoted men and women in everything from hard hats to suits have come for years to get their Pecos fix. This humble beginning started a Northwest born obsession for barbeque that Seattleites have never gotten over, nor have those who visited.