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Food Trucks For Cities

Food trucks have become an integral part of any city’s culinary landscape. Mobile vendors can quickly turn any part of a city into a bustling community space that delivers hot gourmet meals to the public.

Food trucks can enhance parks, underutilized parking areas, farmer's markets, and municipal events. Setting up a food truck location or event requires very little time and set up as food trucks have everything necessary to serve the public without municipal services such as water, power, and sewage.

So what’s the best way to manage the food trucks in a municipal environment?

By managing locations, service times, and scheduled inspections. Our groundbreaking software can help local regulators schedule yearly inspections while also helping customers answer the question, “are there food trucks near me?”

Best Food Trucks (BFT) helps cities manage food truck locations and provides online ordering for customers

  • The BFT platform makes food truck spaces available to vendors and allows them to book the locations and days that are best for them through our vendor app. Using cuisine and time filters, we can limit access to locations to ensure variety and fairness.
  • This helps customers find food trucks near them through our customer app or web address, order online, and arrange a pickup time that suits their needs.
  • Additionally, food trucks can better plan for their day-to-day business which reduces cost and confusion.

Customers use trucks for catering, lunches, and dinners. But quite often, they’re very hard to find. With a municipal program for trucks, customers and regulatory agencies (health and fire) can quickly and easily locate food trucks.

    Customers top comments when reaching out to BFT:
  • Do you help with food truck catering?
  • Can I book a food truck near me?
  • Can you help me find food trucks near me?
  • Can food trucks cater to my office lunches?
  • Can I order online from food trucks?
  • Can I book food trucks for my wedding?

The answer to all these questions is,

YES! We help customers with all of their food truck needs!

The pandemic has changed the way people eat. Food trucks are a safe food delivery system that allows for online ordering, onsite pickup and made-to-order meals. Once people start to go back to office space, they’ll need easy-to-access food options. Trough style catering is a less attractive option as people want individually wrapped made-to-order meals.

BFT can quickly and easily set up a food truck program in your community

We’ve been successful in Los Angeles City, Los Angeles County, Montreal Quebec, Wilmington Delaware, Yorktown, New York, and other cities. Programs can be as large or small and can start with a ready-made pilot. Our system collects data to ensure trucks are vending responsibly while also providing great service. Every online order can be rated via text and total sales numbers are shared with the municipal governments to ensure the program is serving the public.

Our team has over a decade of experience drafting food truck regulations for cities nationwide and helping with the National Fire Protection guidelines for fire safety.

Let us help your city put together a safe, convenient, and profitable food truck program!