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Why should I switch from my current catering service to food truck catering?

If you already get food from banquet or trough-style catering in giant metal trays, then many corporate food truck catering problems might look familiar to you.

The problem with traditional catering is that you’re making food for everyone, but not everyone is going to eat it. And the rest of that food becomes waste that goes straight into the garbage. The best part? You’re paying for all that food that gets dumped.

Catering dishes provide very little choice for people, especially for those with dietary restrictions. Typically you’re going to have 1-2 meat plates, 1 veggie option, maybe 1-2 sides, and that’s it. Forget about the flexibility of a full menu, or items like burritos or sandwiches with custom fillings. And if someone is allergic to garlic or something specific, they might literally not be able to eat anything with this cookie-cutter approach.

While catering trays might be kept hot, they certainly aren’t fresh or made-to-order. Those metal trays had food in them likely hours before you even eat it, so the chances of getting fresh, crunchy, or non-soggy food becomes slim to none.

In other words, if you’re using traditional catering, you’re paying for food that gets thrown into the garbage, you’re limiting your options, you’re not providing options for those with dietary restrictions or food allergies, you’re not allowing people to make their own choices about what they want to eat, and you’re having people settle for food premade hours before they actually eat it.

With Best Food Trucks (BFT), food is only made for people ordering, so there’s drastically less food waste. Instead of only one or two main options, people can choose from a full food truck menu of delicious entrees and appetizers. We have everything from coffee, dessert, ice cream food trucks to hotdog and tacos food trucks. If someone hates mushrooms or is allergic to garlic or is vegan / gluten-free or wants the sauce on the side or any other modification, they have the choice to eat what they actually want. We even have halal food trucks for hire.

To help companies with catering switch to this drastically better experience with corporate food truck catering, Best Food Trucks (BFT) also offers a streamlined employer-paid lunch program, meaning offices can put a payment option on file, select which days and how much they’re willing to cover, and create a whitelist of people who are eligible.

For example, an office can set eligible days to every Monday / Wednesday / Friday, and up to $15 in credits for employees. Anything over $15, the employee can put a card on file and cover. This program applies to all the food truck rentals on our platform, so no need to keep running down to food trucks with a corporate card for every lunch shift.

Now, companies are only paying for food that’s actually used, rather than ordering catering for everyone and having people who called in sick, didn’t like the option, were too busy in a meeting, or any other reason to not eat and have that food thrown out.

Plus, we’ll give companies reports on which food trucks showed up, how many orders, reviews and feedback, and other reporting to provide transparency in the cost of food trucks and how the program is going overall.

If you’re interested in upgrading your catering experience and making your employees’ happier and more productive, click the button below and we’ll set you up with a regular food truck schedule along with setting up your employer-paid lunch program. Give us a call to book or learn more about our food truck prices and other related information.

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