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Pasta Sisters


About Pasta Sisters

Pasta Sisters Italian Food Truck in Los Angeles

What I loved the most was helping my mother make gnocchi” says Paola. “It was hypnotizing to watch her make the dough. Her movements were so precise that it looked like she was dancing." Our gnocchi recipe is just one of hundreds that Maria Giovanna hand wrote into two diaries that are now Paola’s most precious treasures and the source of most of Pasta Sisters’ signature dishes.
This story begins in Padova, a small town in Northern Italy, where chef Paola Da Re, her older sisters Luisa and Patrizia, and her brother Carlo used to spend their afternoons helping their mother Maria Giovanna in the kitchen. Cooking and baking was not only Maria Giovanna’s passion, but also her way to spend quality time with her kids by teaching them recipes, sharing the importance of tradition, and encouraging their creativity

4.83 (926 reviews)

Devin M.

July 2022

The taste. Delicious as always. It was packaged well so it was still hot when we got home too

Loretta C.

July 2022

The lasagna was amazing

Stephan S.

July 2022

Great food. Good service.

Dan M.

July 2022

Lasagna was great!

Lauren L.

June 2022

Prices or include meat

Alissa-kyra C.

June 2022

Everything. I love Pasta Sisters with all my heart.

Charly T.

June 2022

Pasta sisters is our favorite pasta to have as a family but we live so far away being in the valley, thank you for coming up here tonight!

Stephen M.

June 2022

Staff for friendly the food was served very quickly was very tasty recipe

Ashley B.

May 2022

Had trouble finding the truck. Would love more details depicting the exact location next time. Thanks!

R F.

January 2022

Everything! It was all delicious, hot, and fresh! And right on time!