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Pasta Sisters Italian Food Truck in Los Angeles

What I loved the most was helping my mother make gnocchi” says Paola. “It was hypnotizing to watch her make the dough. Her movements were so precise that it looked like she was dancing." Our gnocchi recipe is just one of hundreds that Maria Giovanna hand wrote into two diaries that are now Paola’s most precious treasures and the source of most of Pasta Sisters’ signature dishes.
This story begins in Padova, a small town in Northern Italy, where chef Paola Da Re, her older sisters Luisa and Patrizia, and her brother Carlo used to spend their afternoons helping their mother Maria Giovanna in the kitchen. Cooking and baking was not only Maria Giovanna’s passion, but also her way to spend quality time with her kids by teaching them recipes, sharing the importance of tradition, and encouraging their creativity

4.83 (926 reviews)

R F.

January 2022

Everything! It was all delicious, hot, and fresh! And right on time!

Justin N.

December 2021

Pastas were very tasty and warm! Good quality noodles.

Lynn L.

October 2021

Love how I can order online and in a few short minutes it's ready, I pop over to the truck and then I'm eating. Everything is still hot and fresh just like if I got it at the restaurant. 👍🏼

Ivria D.

October 2021

It was hot and the serving size was appropriate for the price. 10/10

Gabi J.

September 2021

it was ready on time, was hot, and tasted delicious

Jessica M.

September 2021

Variety was great and quality of pasta was awesome!

Sharyl M.

August 2021

the convenience of being to order ahead was great!

Rachel H.

August 2021

I loved how hot and fresh it was. Also, the sauce and salmon taste amazing together. Thank you!

Alissa B.

August 2021

The sauces are delicious, the pesto tasted like real pesto, not fake jarred stuff. The salad was so fresh and delicious!

Lilia A.

August 2021

. The best pasta for me and I'm a regular customer