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González Food Truck

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About González Food Truck

González Mexican Food Truck in Boston

The menu carries everything you could ask for from a taco truck. You’ll find your tacos, your quesadillas, your nachos, and more whipped up on site and served at the pinnacle of hot, fresh deliciousness. Grab a beef taco drizzled in fiery salsa and served on warm flour tortillas. Sink your teeth into a plate of steak topped with seasoned veggies and served with a side of rice. Really, it’s all good here, so you’ll have to stop by Gonzalez Food Truck and try it yourself. Or, even better idea? Have ‘em out to cater your next event.

4.39 (304 reviews)

Timothy L.

June 2021

Great food

Sophia G.

June 2021

The food

Heather M.

June 2021

. Was wonderful!

Jennifer S.

May 2021

! Amazing!!!

Howard P.

May 2021

Flavor and size


May 2021

Chicken was nice and hot and wrap seemed very fresh!

Kate O.

May 2021

I was worried when I saw the prices but then when I ate the food it all made sense. Amazing food!

Paula B.

May 2021

. Delicious! I will go on your fb page and comment as well

Jill A.

May 2021

Fresh taste

Jan C.

May 2021

The food was nice and hot, not prepared too far ahead of my pick up time. It also tasted great.