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Bawk Bawk Chicken

Asian, Chicken, Hot Chicken, Sandwiches, Southern Comfort

About Bawk Bawk Chicken

The Bawk Bawk Chicken Food Truck is an LA staple, best known for the monstrous Motha'clucka Sandwich. It's a spicy Chicken Sandwich with our own twist on cole slaw, pickled chilis, topped with monterey jack Cheese and served on a fresh Potato Bread bun. Word is out, don't wait any longer to try our delicious offerings like Bawk Bawk Chicken Bites, Crispy Button Shrooms and for the Veggie lovers, our Portabello Sandwich! Heat levels can be dialed in as desired, and Bawk Bawk Chicken sure loves to cater! Let us spice up your next gathering!