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Baby's Badass Burgers


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About Baby's Badass Burgers

BABY'S BADASS BURGERS American Food Truck in Los Angeles

Restaurant Veterans Hit the High Road with Gourmet Mobile Burger Concept
Baby's Badass Burgers sprang from the imaginations and experiences of ex-New Yorker restaurateur Erica Cohen (pictured left) and celebrated event planner Lori Barbera (pictured right).

Cohen launched her career in the restaurant world as one of the founding partners in the first of The ONE Group’s many restaurants. Cohen, a passionate foodie and burgermeister at heart who had "been searching for the perfect, quintessential cheeseburger since [she] was a little girl," decided that in order to satiate her quest she would have to create her own flawless burger: the Simple Original Beauty on the BBB menu. Cohen is responsible for day to day operations, staffing and quality control and also manages and oversees all BBB franchisees.

For her part, Barbera, who has produced dozens of events for celebrities, companies from Comedy Central to Paramount, and shows from Dancing with the Stars to Big Love, has applied her considerable event and catering expertise directly to BBB. She has created a buzz with clients from all over the entertainment industry who wish to enliven their lunch and dinner time offerings. Barbera keeps the BBB trucks booked months in advance, handles all of the company's marketing and PR, and also books and manages several prominent lots in the Los Angeles area. Together, the dynamic duo of Cohen and Barbera originated the Baby’s Badass Burger concept, design and branding, and developed and refined the menu.

Baby's Badass Burgers Food Truck Catering is available for parties, weddings, and corporate events.

4.64 (343 reviews)

Emily S.

October 2021

Massive burger, delicious fries!

Tracy S.

May 2021

Best burger I have had

Ariel H.

April 2021

The entire burger was AMAZING ! And customer service was quick!

Erin R.

March 2021

- best truck so far - great 👍 food - especially our 15 yr old teen!!! He lived your bbq bacon burger- also great fries

Diane P.

February 2021

The whole meal! Pig tail fries with baby sauce and all American burger! Employees were nice and prompt with online order and pick up time

T m.

January 2021

I really liked that the chili cheese fries were still crispy and not soggy even when smothered with all the sauce. I liked that my smoking burger had both patty and the loose ground beef, the double meat was really satisfying. My boyfriend said the his wife burger was amazing, something about the sauce made it taste like a Big Mac but way better and gourmet. We were pleasantly surprised with how good the burgers were. Thank you!

Scott M.

September 2020

Food tasted really fresh and well made. THANKS! Staff/chef were friendly and clearly knew how to run a great truck. Again, THANKS! Felt safe, clean, and although this was my first visit, I live across the street, so it won't be my last. See you next Thursday!

Mary F.

March 2020

Seeing Lori!!! 😁 And eating the burger like it was my last meal. And who knows - it just might be 🤷‍♀️😁🙆‍♀️

Taylor G.

March 2020

. Everything was delicious!

Regina G.

February 2020

After placing the order it only took a few minutes. I was concerned that it was ready so fast but the burger was fresh and the fries were hot when I got them. Will definitely try another burger. Thx