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The Proof Is In The Statistics

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How Customers Use Our Platform?

Step 1

Customers locate your truck through our location specific links (ex.”your-location”) and then order from your menu.

Step 2

You’ll receive an order alert through the app and once you accept it, the customer then receives a text message confirming the estimated wait time for pickup.

Step 3

When the order is ready, you’ll just notify the customer through the app and they’ll receive a separate text message with their order number & instructions for pickup.

Step 4

Lastly, customers receive a follow up text asking how they would rate their food/experience and what feedback they would like to share with the truck.

The largest food truck platform in the nation

Streamline Your Kitchen

When you’re busy in the kitchen, every second away from the grill to help a walkup customer is revenue wasted. Let the BFT team bring the customers to you & be your virtual cashier so you can focus on what you do best...making delicious food.

Set Your Marketing to Auto-Pilot

BFT sends thousands of emails daily to subscribers with your full pictured menu and the option to order online directly through our platform. Before you even arrive at a location, customers will already know you’re coming. BFT also rewards loyal customers with discount coupons that we pay for.

Get to Know Your Customers

Repeat customers are a key element for growing your business. Every time you swipe a credit card for a walk-up order, you’re missing the opportunity to capture that customer’s contact information. With every online order, BFT collects their contact info, stays engaged for you and provides them with tools to leave feedback, rate your food and build a relationship.

End-to-end solution for food trucks

Contactless Ordering

Now more than ever, contactless ordering is being requested by our customers all over the country. No more waiting in line or handling money or credit cards. Customers can order from their computer, tablet or smartphone and receive texts or in-app notifications when their food is ready for pickup.

As one of the first movers in the food truck industry to release online ordering, BFT has had the chance to work directly with customers and truck owners that use our platform on a regular basis, adopting their feedback to constantly improve the user experience.

The BFT app is the BEST in the industry because it’s been built by food trucks for food trucks.

Menu Builder

BFT provides a simple and streamlined menu builder for your convenience. Once your food, dessert or drink items are inputted into your profile, you can create as many customized menus as you’d like. Entrees, sides or drinks, customize add ons for additional cost, create combo or “build your own” meals, label each item with allergy icons (GF, DF, VG, etc), add tantalizing pictures. If there’s something we don’t have to make your menu better, we’ll build it.

Menu pictures are perhaps the best selling point of your delicious food so if you do not already have professional images, we can recommend a food photographer in your area to help you make your menu shine.

During the menu building process, we have dedicated support staff that can help you every step of the way if you need help or guidance.

Menu Features & Inventory Monitoring

CUSTOM MENU LINK - once you have created a truck profile and built out your menu, a link to that menu will be automatically created for you to share with anyone you please. Customers can see your menu as well as where you’re scheduled in the future.

AUTOMATED 86’ing - how many times has a customer ordered something then after you've taken their money, you realized you were out of that menu item. You then have to refund them, hoping they don't walk away disappointed or leave you a bad review.

With BFT's “Shift Inventory” feature this will never happen to you again! You can enter the amount of menu items you have before you start your shift and as soon as the last one is ordered, that item will be automatically removed from your menu for the rest of that shift. For example, if you only have 15 vegan patties for the day, once that 15th patty is sold online, the App will automatically 86 that item so you don't have to. You also have the option to 86 items manually if you want to be old school and not automate the process.

Use BFT anywhere!

If you don’t want to book locations, events or catering jobs through BFT, you can use our state of the art online ordering at your own locations! Every locations is stored and any customer that has ordered at that location from ANY truck will be contacted when you start your shift.

We market to all food truck customers instead of just your customers. Just select “Create a Custom Shift”, enter the address and service times. Once this information is submitted you will be provided with a custom web link for that specific location that can be used to market to your customers, offering them to order through the link.

This feature is 100% free to use and has proven to be very beneficial during these times of social distancing and the demand for contactless ordering. So much so that local city officials are very pleased with the technology and responsibility of mobile food vendors across the country.

Accept Pre-Orders

Just when you thought ordering online couldn't be any cooler, BFT also facilitates pre-orders! With most order ahead apps, customers can only order online from your food truck between the hours you are scheduled (e.g. 11am-2pm). With BFT, customers have the ability to browse your menus and place pre-orders as far in advance as you’d like and select their desired pickup time.

This feature is great for knowing how much food to prep for the day and also gives you a sense of reassurance that your sales can be guaranteed before you even leave the commissary.

Set Your Own Guaranteed Minimums

Have a new client or location requesting your truck for their first time event and don't know how sales will be? With BFT's custom minimum guarantee feature, you can create your own shift or event, share your personal ordering link and take pre-orders up to 60 days in advance.

Both you and the client can monitor the orders for the shift through our shift progress bar. If the shift doesn't make your minimum requirement in pre-orders within 48 hours of the shift, you can cancel the booking. 48 hours before the event, if the client hasn't met the pre-order minimum, but is close, you will have the option to accept the job anyway.

Wireless Printing

Trucks have the ability to wirelessly print orders and receipts directly through the BFT App for any shift they work. Currently this feature only connects to ESC/POS type printers. Simply link your ESC/POS printer and when a new order comes through the App, print it out and add it to your ticket line so your cooks can stay organized in conjunction with walk-up orders.

Machine Learning Advantages

Customers always want more and we do our best to make sure they maximize their order. Through the online ordering portal, BFT automatically shows additional items in the cart during checkout, tempting the customer to add on more to the order. Whether it be an extra side of fries or a just cold drink, our data shows that about 25% of all customers will add items to the cart when offered to buy something extra.


Most food truck search websites out there display where food trucks are parked near them, which is great, but we at BFT have taken it one step further. In addition to just showing trucks on a map, we have thousands of subscribers Nationwide that are already familiar with using our platform to order online from a food truck so we're directly marketing to those customers offering them to order from your truck when you are near their location.

For example if you park in an area that happens to already have 100 BFT customers living or working within a mile of you, when they do a search for trucks near them that day, your truck will pop in their search with your full menu and they can order within seconds.

The more customers we capture the more free marketing you benefit from. We have tens of thousands of customers already using our BFT Customer ordering app.

Social Media Integration

Easily connect and sync up your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. When you create a custom shift on BFT or book one of our many lots, our system will automatically share your location and details with all of your followers.

Automated Marketing

Trucks have free targeted email marketing to location specific customers in the area, not just social media followers who could be on the other side of town. Once a customer has ordered from a location they’ll receive emails anytime a vendor comes back to serve. Customers can order directly from the email.

Most of our locations have hundreds of subscribers and we do our best to get them signed up before the food truck program even launches so you have hungry customers waiting before you even open your doors.

BFT will keep working to add more subscribers to each location we manage but we also urge trucks to encourage their regulars and new walkup customers to order through the web link so we can capture their contact info and notify them every time you're back serving that area.

Book Lots & Caterings

Unlike other online ordering apps, we actually find you work. We manage lunch and dinner locations and help customers fill catering requests. Truck on our system are given first crack at all requests that come through our system.

Once you sign up with us you’ll be added to our Nationwide network of food trucks. Just find the lunches and dinners near you, request to be added to the location and book the day that works for you.

Automatic Cover Request

Lunch and dinner locations booked through BFT, can be cancelled with the click of a button. Our system then automatically reaches out to other eligible trucks to get your spot filled! We all know last minute things happen and cover requests are common, so rather than having to send out emails and make calls, let the BFT app do all the work for you.

Calendar Integration

If you’re used to using systems like Google Calendar for you and your employees to organize all of your bookings, you can integrate your BFT bookings into your Google Calendar so you’ll never double book again.

Automated QR Flyer Creation

When you create a custom shift or book one of our many lots, a QR flyer will be automatically created and included in your vending details for you to print and post on your service window. All customers have to do is grab their smartphone, point their camera at the Code and it will link instantly to your menu for that location/day.

This has also proven to work especially well during these times of social distancing, making customers feel extra safe by offering contactless ordering. Lastly, to express how important it is to direct customers to order online, every customer that orders through BFT becomes your customer for life and we can market to them on your behalf every time you serve their area again!

Accept More Payments

The BFT platform allows customers to pay with Credit Cards, Apple Pay & Google Pay. More options, means more customers.

Rewards Program

Just like those credit cards but without the interest, with BFT trucks can earn points/credits to be redeemed when booking a location or catered event through our Nationwide network of clients.

For example, link your Facebook page to BFT, get $5 to use towards a booking a location. This along with many other incentives help to save you money on booking fees.

Create Coupons for Customers!

Do you have sagging sales at a location and you want to bring back the customers? With our coupon tool you can create coupons using percentages or a flat amount.

You can make your coupons good for a day or forever. That coupon will be emailed with your menu to every one of your customers! It helps reinvigorate your locations when needed.

Automatic Deposits

Get your money as quickly as possible. Unlike other platforms, BFT collects payment on your behalf and transfers funds directly to your linked bank account. Other platforms make you sign up for a 3rd party account like PayPal, Square or Clover to deposit your funds rather than direct deposit. Why wait 3 more days for your money? BFT even offers instant transfer if you want the money NOW.

Add Multiple Trucks To Your Account

Food truck owners who have two or more trucks under one brand or have completely different brands, BFT allows you to manage all your trucks and brands under one account.

We make it easy for you to book each truck at locations, create custom shifts or accept online orders simultaneously.

Add/Remove Employee Accounts

Employees come and go. With the BFT app owners can create new employee accounts under each truck profile and assign them to login and use the app to accept orders under their name when it’s their shift.

This way owners can track sales and analytics per employee to help tighten up the operation. Employees can be given certain permissions such as “take orders,” “book lunches,” “check reports,” etc.

Sales Reports

Sales metrics and data are an important part of running a successful business. For that reason, BFT makes multiple sales reports available to all trucks with an account.

As an example, some reports included are; Sold Items, Food Ratings, Sales Summaries, Orders Per Day, Orders Per hour.

Our analytics are so strong that over time our algorithm can tell you which items sell best at each location.

Private Reviews & Feedback

Public reviews on websites like YELP can make or break a business. We all know that most of the time, bad reviews come from angry customers whose expectations can never be met and they live to complain about everything.

At BFT we don’t find this productive for food truck owners. For that reason, we’ve developed a feedback and review system that is for your eyes only and NOT public. After a customer has filled their belly with your delicious bacon grilled cheese sandwich and tater tots, they'll receive one final text or in-app notification asking them to rate their experience between 1-5 stars and leave any feedback or general comments about what they liked or disliked.

Our hope is that truck owners will take the constructive criticism and use that feedback to better their overall customer experience.

Customer Support

Let us be your support team! We know you’re busy. Let us handle customers asking questions so you can get the orders out.

At locations booked through BFT, we have a dedicated support representative monitoring every transaction, answering calls, texts and emails from customers on your behalf. Someone forgot to say no onions? We got your back and will take that info and relay it to your crew.

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