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Yum Rockets American Food Truck in Phoenix, AZ

Sandwich lover and burger addicted, Cordon bleu graduate, culinarian,and easygoing kind of guy.

Hello my name is Jason, having cooked professionally for close to 20 years, I have an innate passion for new things in food, and for the classics. Like everyone on this planet, covid struck us a blow! I was laid off along with most of my fellow workers. The dispair and uncertainty hit early and hard. One day my mind told me to get up! It said what do you have to lose! You can either sit and have a victim mentality, feeling sorry for yourself, or you can dig deep and push forward! I always wanted to own a business in food, but lacked the courage to do so. Covid has taught me that living in fear is stupid, a huge waste of time and one, that we all run out of! I decided right then and there. I am to take my destiny into my own hands and take ownewrship of all the problems that will arise, and persevere! I cashed in my life savings and my retirement. In other words I gave up my security and put my back to the wall. Ready to take on the world and start my food truck business!! My destiny in my own hands, the captain of my own ship! Having said that I am not alone, and when you do something positive, The world gives you the help of others! My family especially, the support of my wife Darcy, has been instrumental. The moral encouragement of friends past and present has been humbling. I cannot thank you all enough! From the bottom of my heart thank you!!

Now that all that emotional stuff is out lets eat! Leave the fear behind, remember fear is a reaction, courage is a choice don’t give up your choices.

Come out and find us tell us your story over some burgers and sandwiches, hope you become part of our larger family! Thank you! —Jason

Yum Rockets is available for food truck catering!