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The Tropic Truck


About The Tropic Truck

The Tropic Truck Caribbean Fusion Food Truck in Los Angeles

In fall of 2015, Chef team Lauren and Nelson decided to join their culinary experience with their cultural roots and thus The Tropic Truck was born. Taking influence from Southern Floridian Caribbean Fusion and Central American traditional recipes. The husband and wife duo developed a uniquely fresh, healthy, and creative true Caribbean Fusion Menu. Both Chefs have over two decades of experience in Commercial Kitchens in Los Angeles where they cooked everything from artisan pizza to gastropub fare to Valencian cuisines and even entire vegan menus. Their dream was to make healthy, fresh, and tropical food accessible. What started as a tiny rented lunch truck with a hand made menu has evolved into a Los Angeles phenomenon.

After, mastering the technique of serving smaller scale private lunches they evolved quickly to large scale events and high volume festivals and the second chapter began. In 2017, the second Tropic Truck opened specializing in Corporate Catering and Large Volume Catering. The customized high end industrial kitchen allowed for the capability to serve more people, faster, and fresher food.

Now with the powerhouse of both trucks, one focusing on large scale events, conventions and festivals along with the second focusing on corporate and large scale catering, The Tropic Truck can be found anywhere from Los Angeles Convention Center, to the Long Beach Grand Prix, to the studios of Culver City and Burbank.

THE TROPIC TRUCK’s success is hugely credited to the amazing fresh flavors represented in the menu. Focusing on scratch sauces and marinades paired with the highest quality Angus Meats and Wild Caught Seafood available in Los Angeles, it is no secret why this truck is highly sought after. Offering fully customizable packages there is no stopping this epic duo. In a nutshell, the menu consists of Caribbean Classics, Wild Caught grilled seafood delicacies, Unique vegan menu items, and the light and fresh gluten free options. The most popular items not to be missed are the ever indulgent Lobster and Avocado Quesadilla, healthy Mahi Mahi Salad Bowl, Caribbean Spiced Roasted Pork Wrap, and the truly Tropical Shrimp Tacos.

4.41 (327 reviews)

Carolyn R.

November 2021

Shrimp quesadillas were excellent. Also friendly service.

Brianna M.

June 2021

Both meals we got we're delicious! They sounded like they might be basic, but the flavors were amazing and we were super happy! We got a pork quesadilla and a jerk chicken melt.

Brian F.

August 2020

Great flavor! Loved the plantains in the burrito and the sauce. Pernil was tasty. A little heavy on the rice, but still loved it

Amy R.

August 2020

The food was delicious. Ordered from 2 different trucks. The Tropic Truck and Habibi Shack. Everything was exceptional and delicious. Thank you!!

Randalyn O.

June 2020

AMAZING!!! By far our favorite food truck here at Nineteen01 YET! The food was BOMB.COM there's nothing else I could really say aside from that!!! :D

Bianca V.

June 2020

All of it! Taste waste spot on and the spicy house sauce was amazing!!

Martin M.

July 2019

I loved every bite I got into it, so much flavor of what they offered. Especially ordering the Lobster! Extremely delicious, Thank You!