The Philly King was dreamed up after our family tried many local, “authentic,” Philly restaurants who didn’t taste very authentic. You know what they say, after you eat an authentic Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia, no one else’s compares. However, after we traveled to a few other places, we also tried some amazing Hoagies and PO'Boys. We decided we wanted to bring both of those East Coast flavors and merge them into one - authentic meets modern.


We are a small family of 4, unsure of what to expect in these hard times. We are risking it all because we know you guys will love what we bring to your table. Our beloved youngest son was diagnosed with Pancreas Divisum a very rare disease that isn’t fully understood. He is truly a warrior and an inspiration. From all the struggles we’ve been through with his diagnosis, we have decided to donate a percentage of our proceeds to the National Pancreas Foundation to help other families in similar situations. We hope to grow and expand in the future with all of our amazing customers help. Thank you all so much for supporting our business and family.