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The Onion Bomb

What started as a simple business venture has now become a foodie “must have” in many food festivals. The Onion Bomb began it’s journey in Long Beach, CA, where founder Christopher Villanueva created the Onion Bomb. Although the idea of a deep fried onion wasn’t new, Chris knew he had to create something special in order to grab the attention of the many attendees at the various night markets in California.
The Onion Bomb was created as a flavorful dish that would make even the most anti-onion customer say, “Wow, that’s really good!” Paired with one of its many sauces, the Onion Bomb turns heads with its unique presentation and shareable portion size. The secret lies with the double dipped batter technique as well as its signature spices.

Often sold alongside our Onion Bomb is our Foot Long Fries. Our fries are very unique are are 100% potato. The creation of our foot long fries is a trade secret and has often been imitated but never duplicated.