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The Middle Feast Food Truck


About The Middle Feast Food Truck

The Middle Feast Mediterranean Food Truck in Los Angeles

Since winning The Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race" Season 5, Tommy Marudi (L.A. native and leader of The Middle Feast) has been bringing Middle Eastern food with an Asian and Mexican twist to hungry belly's from the sea to the desert and everywhere in between. The Middle Feast's flavors create an ever-evolving and growing lineup of unique dishes.

Tommy's passion for food started after finishing culinary school. Since then, Tommy has developed his culinary skills and decided that this is defiantly what he wants to do in his life. After traveling throughout South America, India and Asia he was ready to move back to LA and take his experiences and inspiration to his favorite place, the Kitchen.
In 2014 Tommy had the opportunity he was looking for, The Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race!" After an adventurous trek across the country, he had won the competition and his very own food truck.

Tommy, is inspired by food. Whether it’s an ingredient, a location or even an interesting experience, Tommy turns that inspiration into dishes that are bursting with unique flavors that best represent Tommy and his vision that tell a story. He understands that the only way to guarantee the best culinary experience is to constantly refine and perfect it.

Tommy knows that these Mediterranean favorites can be done well if they are freshly made, carefully spiced and artfully presented.