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The Melt Machine Grilled Cheese


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About The Melt Machine Grilled Cheese

The Melt Machine Grilled Cheese Food Truck in Tampa

The Melt Machine is a food truck that specializes in making melty, gooey sandwiches. These grilled creations are stuffed with meats and cheese for an extra-satisfying meal! The Melt Machine has you covered from every angle--with original recipes full of flavor as well as artisan ingredients to tantalize your taste buds. They have the perfect sandwich waiting for you at this Tampa hot spot so stop by today!

The author was able to craft some delicious treats on the streets of Tampa: melts—those hearty sandwiches filled with meat and melted cheese which were then cooked together until they're crispy perfection (and deliciously cheesy).

The Melt Machine Food Truck is available for catering