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The Lime Truck #1 - a.k.a. Yoda

Mexican Food

About The Lime Truck #1 - a.k.a. Yoda

We are the quintessential Southern California food truck that’s been making your events unforgettable since 2010. No celebration is complete without a taco, (or two… or three), from The Lime Truck. Our menu is the perfect fusion of bold Mexican, Asian, and Mediterranean flavors.

Catering is what we do - and we're really good at it! From weddings, to festivals, to corporate office events; The Lime Truck has the experience you need from a caterer to make sure your event is a massive success.

Not only is our award-winning menu “Dude! You gotta try this!” delicious, it's also a vivid representation of what we consider to be true California street food. It brings cultures, communities, and rather impressive culinary chops together in a harmonious collection of wildly bold flavors that truly tell the story of who we are and where we come from. 

We're taking tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and more to new heights! We're also proud to offer delectable vegan and vegetarian menu items. We can accommodate all of your guests' dietary preferences without skimping on flavor!