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The Burger Trolley

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About The Burger Trolley

The Burger Trolley American Food Truck in Phoenix, AZ

We Are The Burger Trolley
It’s been an 8 year dream of ours to run a food truck. But we didn’t want just any food truck. Vegen wanted to have a novel, unique vehicle. He did research and found the trolley in Chicago. We had it shipped to us in Arizona. It’s been quite the struggle to complete it but we kept our faith and persevered.

Vegen was the Executive Chef for the California Institute of Technology for 15 years where he oversaw all food operations for Caltech Dining Services. He supervised a 45-member team and manage scheduling, purchasing, inventory, sanitation, menu research/development, season promotions, price structuring and food/labor costs. He was a culinary innovator known for producing top-quality, creative products contributing to revenue growth. He has proven ability to effectively lead multi-outlet, fine dining and high volume operations.