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About The Bollywood Kitchen

Welcome to The Bollywood Kitchen Indian Fusion Food Truck in Los Angeles! We serve the best Indian, Chinese and American fusion cuisine on wheels. Incredible Chicken Tikka Masala, Kung Pao Chicken, Chicken Curry, Chana Masala, Mixed Veggies (Indian/Chinese) and Crispy Chicken Strips (available as naan wrap as well). We serve a traditional Mango Lassi as our special beverage. Our menu is Halal, and we have Vegetarian/Vegan/Kids Friendly menus too. The Bollywood Kitchen also loves to cater! Let us know how we can help at your next gathering.

4.05 (102 reviews)

Wendy J.

June 2021

Everything that we ordered was delicious!!!! Well done! Hot! Tasty! I would order from them again

Bryan S.

February 2020

The samosa chaat is always perfect. And today was even better because there was a lot of sauce 🤩🤘🏼

Stacey F.

November 2019

Let us know what comes with the entree, I didn't know it came with salad and would not have wanted it

Ruth A.

October 2019

The sauces on the chicken sandwich are incredible!!

Laura B.

August 2019

My order was late and ended up to be missing stuff, but they were so nice about it that I didn't really care

Katherine N.

March 2019

Was disappointed that I was given regular naan rather than the garlic naan I ordered, but the flavor was very good in the tikka masala

Trincy T.

February 2019

The food was very tasty and authentic. Except the oil on samosa. Probably oil was re-used too many times.

Elizabeth S.

January 2019

There was very little sauce on the biryani and $3 for a single piece of garlic naan is too steep. I wouldn't have ordered it if I'd known

Tyie M.

September 2018

The flavor of the spicy veggie curry was super good

Maggie R.

August 2018

I love the flavors and the spices! I'm a big fan of korma. I just wish the food was packaged better - the curry escaped the packaging and leaked into the bag a bit.