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Tennessee Tatercakes

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About Tennessee Tatercakes

Come on down and try the Tennessee Tatercakes Food Truck in Nashville, see what the talk is all about! We specialize in lovingly prepared Southern fare. Are you ready to try a fresh take on a Southern staple? We serve hand pattied, panko breaded, mashed and fried Potato Cakes topped off with slow Smoked Meats, Cheeses, Veggies, and your choice of mouthwatering sauces. Another thing we specialize in? Catering any and all events! Various customizable catering packages are available, inquire here!

4.81 (1012 reviews)

David D.

March 2021

Best food truck yet! Have never had anything like it and it was all amazing. And the fact that it can be gluten free and vegan is so nice!

Lisa O.

January 2021

This is our favorite food truck! Flavors, freshness, generous portions - all great.


January 2021

It was fantastic. Food was perfection and the staff were so nice. Cannot wait to have them back!

Dustin H.

December 2020

The food was amazing! The only downside is that I have to wait for them to come back to get more 😁

Mark A.

December 2020

You had me at "taters". Then you doubled up with "bbq". Now the ice cream sammiches are kicking my ass. Cut it out!!!

Kimberly V.

October 2020

You're hands down our favorite food truck that comes to the neighborhood! Will order every time. We tried the new tatercakes with jalape}os and it's an instant favorite!

Cynthia E.

September 2020

...I can't imagine my life without Tennessee Tatercakes!! And, they are always so nice! My favorite Food Truck!! ❤️

Mark A.

July 2020

I'm a dude so you had me with taters.....and pulled pork......and bacon......and baked beans.......and slaw......and sauce. Full order was a lot of food. Good food. Good value.

Beth D.

June 2020

The Tatercakes! Josh didn't have one before and sat there moaning at his food. Awesome.

Kimberly V.

June 2020

Loved how crunchy the taters were! We were worried the dish would be mushy but everything was really well balanced texture and seasoning-wise! We also love that this truck did pre-orders for a specific time and it was ready when promised