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Tasty Maryland

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About Tasty Maryland

Tasty Maryland Seafood Truck in Baltimore

Two Sisters From Maryland turned foodies… That’s who we are.

Born and raised in Baltimore County in a quiet community on the Chesapeake Bay, we learned to love all things Maryland right from birth. Steamed Crabs, Old Bay seasoning, farm fresh veggies all led to our overwhelming desire to bring these tasty treats, with a twist, to the public.

Tasty Maryland is a food truck experience bringing you the various food and treats of Maryland. In the warm months visit our truck to get the summertime favorite – Shaved Ice – a real Baltimore treat!

Of course, Old Bay is king of our kitchen! From our famous Old Bay fries, to our crabby cone, to our Maryland-style angus burgers, you will be sure to leave with a belly full of Maryland tradition!