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Tacomiendo Mexican Grill

Mexican Food, Mexican Fusion

About Tacomiendo Mexican Grill

Tacomiendo Mexican Grill Food Truck in Los Angeles

Tacomiendo is a family owned business that was started by Fernando with the help of his sibling Jerry. They both have worked really hard to make their business successful and continue striving for the best. Fernando(25) started as a fry cook during high school and ended being a manager for the great Chicago chain The Portillos Restaurant Group until he decided it was time for him to do something great for himself and his family. Jerry(33) is currently a full time Fire Technician Specialist, full time college student. They both have a dream to one day be a part of something big. Jerry is the Vegan specialist after losing 130 pounds he decided it was time for him to become vegan and until this day he stays eating plant based products. These young guys love their customers and enjoy every single moment serving at the food truck. Say Hi to them if you ever see them.