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About Taco Salsa

They all start somewhere. Some have good beginnings, others not so good, and as for us, well, you could say that the beginning was hard. Our business started on a street called Alief. Since it was a small company that had just started, we didn't expect it to grow right away, and it didn't. It took a few years of intensive work, but with enough patience and hard work, good results came.

We started to grow and get more sales. As time went by, slowly but surely, this thing we had started began to seem more promising.

I don't want to make this too long. So to end this off, I just want to say that thanks to all the people who have supported our business, now we are great, and we just want to improve even more, thank you and see you later @ taco salsa.

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Gabriela M.

July 2023