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Asian, Asian Fusion, Cajun, Laotian, Multi-cultural


SXSE FOOD CO Laotian Food Truck in Austin

SXSE Food Co
noun | \ˈsek-sē • ˈfüd •ˈkō\
A blend of southern American and southeast Asian flavors and cooking techniques resulting in a uniquely familiar yet modernized product while staying true to its traditional origins.

Our owner, Bob, grew up in a Laotian concentrated area of Dallas, TX (Oak Cliff) and spent countless hours looking over his mother’s shoulder in the kitchen, admiring her careful cooking. Through her, his passion for the culinary arts began to grow. It eventually evolved into SXSE Food Co., which blends Southern American and Southeast Asian flavors and techniques. Here, we provide uniquely familiar yet modernized dishes. Our latest venture, the Pha-aek food truck, opened with the goal of providing authentic Lao cuisine -- something that’s hard to find here in Austin, TX. With a bite of our traditional-yet-gourmet dishes, our customers embark on a culinary journey like none other.

Our mission is to share our life experiences through our food. Please join us on our journey
and allow us to share a part of who we are through our food.

We eat. We travel. We learn. We live. We share. We grow.