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Sun's Just Egg Rolls

Gourmet Egg Rolls

About Sun's Just Egg Rolls

Sun's Just Egg Rolls Food Truck in Tampa

About the RollS

Sun’s Just Egg Rolls is an American fast-food creative cuisine mobile restaurant that offers a variety of gourmet tasty egg rolls.

Quality you can taste:

From the first bite of your egg roll to your last French fry with our seasoning made from scratch and the dipping of our variety of sauces quality is the most important ingredient of all at Sun’s Just Egg Rolls. We don’t microwave. We don’t over-process. We just make things different!

Our commitment to quality starts with our egg rolls. We make our egg rolls fresh, using 100%, of whole chicken, fresh divine shrimp, and fresh shredded cabbage /carrots. Our chicken and pork are marinated, our steak is seasoned to perfection, and our strawberry cheesecake is made with real cream cheese and fresh strawberries, to ensure a tasty memorable delightful experience in every bite.

Our Mission:

Is to provide consumers with an exceptional, pleasant and personable customer service experience and then a tasteful memorable delight in each egg roll and desert that will keep customers coming back.

Sun’s Just Egg Rolls maintains a simple philosophy -be transparent, serve only the highest quality product, prepare it in a clean and sparkling environment, and serve it in a warm and friendly manner. We build a reputation for laughter, creativity, fresh made-to-order foods prepared and served by friendly, well-trained associates.

Our goal:

Is to make sure you have what we call #TheDelightExperience whether your visit is to the mobile or the brick n mortar..

Sun's Just Egg Rolls is available for food truck catering!