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About Son Of A Bun

Son Of A Bun American Food Truck in Los Angeles Son Of A Bun is a Los Angeles-based food truck founded by Mobi Munch in April 2013. In a complicated, fast-paced world, sometimes all you need is fresh, real food. That's why we source local and sustainable ingredients to bring you the juiciest tomatoes, crispiest lettuce and a depth of flavor you won't find in a cellophane wrapper. We don't take steroids, so we don't eat animals that have, either. Our meats are fresh, never frozen, and prepared by hand. We’ll have your taste buds doing jumping jacks and your stomach happier than a pig in mud. Our concept is pretty simple: First, choose your protein—fresh hand-pressed burgers, 24-hr marinated all-natural chicken, or grilled hot dogs that snap when you bite them. Second, choose your style. To keep it fresh and never stale, we like to switch it up between our special sauces and high-quality toppings in between a freshly baked bun. And don't forget our SOB fries, crisped to perfection and tossed in our special mix of spices. We also round out the menu with cole slaw and our seasonal salad featuring fresh tomato, mozzarella & basil. At SOB eating with us is never a complicated or compromising experience. Made Fresh, Freshly Made. Upgrading simplicity to its finest.

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