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About Seoul Bowl

Seoul Bowl Korean BBQ Food Truck in Seattle

Seoul Bowl is the new look of Korean BBQ. A "Seoul Bowl" is a personal and custom eating experience. You start by choosing a base (rice or salad), then one of five fresh proteins, and then unlimited toppings and sauce. This allows you to create the Korean BBQ bowl of your dreams with local, quality and ethically sourced ingredients. This Seattle food truck aims to deliver "a bowl of beauty and freshness in a hectic world". They also feature Bulgogi Kimchee Cheese Fries which are both unique and incredibly popular. Do you have catering needs? The Seoul Bowl Truck is available for events as well, let us know how we can help.

4 (7 reviews)

Vika i.

April 2024

I loved the taste and flavor combination of the bulgogi fries! The gyoza and sauce was great too. 2 things I'd recommend is to fry the fries extra so they wouldn't be as soggy and cleaning the flat top after every bulgogi so that the meat doesn't pick up a burnt flavor from the grill otherwise it was good!

Monique C.

April 2024

No, they were fast and the food was good. We only have a 30min lunch break.

Natalie A.

April 2024

The egg and potstickers

Jim R.

April 2024

Paulina C.

April 2024

Delicious food. Great service

Jenny M.

October 2020