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4.68 (217 reviews)

Riley T.

June 2024

Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles, egg rolls, Crab Rangoon and the extra amount of enthusiasm and customer service!! Great people. Thank you.

Karen S.

June 2024

Perfectly spiced food still hot when i got back to my desk

Doris L.

June 2024

AMAZING!!! Love the food, love the portions!!! Tastes fresh and heavenly!

Macey R.

June 2024

All of it! So delicious! Best orange chicken I've been had. Same goes for the crab rangoon.

Matt V.

June 2024

The creamy sweetness of the curry is REALLY good. Could be my favorite red curry.

Linda K.

May 2024

Food was fresh, delicious and seasoned so well, vs bland at other places that cater to a population that doesn't wish to try authentic foods. I got to pick my degree of heat!

Jennifer M.

April 2024

The rangoons are amazing and we love all the noodle dishes!!!

Valerie S.

March 2024

Best chicken lo mein. So tasty! I rarely order this dish because it's usually not my favorite at other places, but here it is! Absolutely delicious.

Cassandra L.

March 2024

I would love to see Rollin Thai return. The food was delicious! I am a first time visitor. I would recommend the drunken noodles and crab ragoons. I look forward to trying more items on the menu in the future!

Cory V.

February 2024

Service/friendliness of the emoloyees. Also love the food and the way it is cooked and sliced to perfection every time.