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Richeeze Grilled Cheese Food Truck in Los Angeles

Richeeze Melts is the culmination of a want for an amazing Grilled Cheese Sandwich that we all loved as kids. We were talking about why there weren’t enough Grilled Cheese Sandwiches out there, and how much everyone loves the All-American Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich. As we sat and talked about our childhood memories and love for Grilled Cheese, the idea sparked, and Richeeze was born.

The more we talked about the idea we began to smile and say, Richeeze! The idea caught like wildfire and next thing you know everybody was walking around saying “Smile and Say Richeeze.”

Next, we sought out to create the Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches on Earth. Finding the right combinations of crisp toasted bread and gooey melted cheese stuffed with the best ingredients to complement each of our signature sandwiches, to present Richeeze Melts to the World.