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Reds Street Kitchen Barbecue Food Truck in Boston

Red's Street Kitchen & Catering is making great food to bring great people together, and they've more than succeeded on both accounts. It's a food truck that's roaming the streets of New England, and has been since 2016, serving up some quality street fare that's truly a cut above the rest.

At Red's Street Kitchen, they've elevated street food classics to a whole new level of delicious. That level? Gourmet, and specifically using only the freshest ingredients around. Craving a big ol' cheesesteak? Red's Street Kitchen uses thinly shaved beef on an amoroso roll. Get the classic alongside sauteed onions, mushrooms and cheese, or go for their specialty Blue Zombie topped with bleu cheese, bacon and horseradish mayo. But that's not all. Red's Street Kitchen is known for their cluckin' delicious buttermilk fried chicken, dusted in signature breading and deep fried to golden brown perfection, along with hand-cut fries. Of course, we'd be remiss not to mention their daily rotating specials like the Cubano, or the fact that they've got a second menu concept called Lil' Rojas with California burritos, fresh fried nachos and crispy popcorn chicken. Mouth watering just reading this? Imagine what a visit'll do. Find Red's Street Kitchen to cater any manner of event you have in mind, or track 'em down in Providence, RI. Either way, this is one foodie experience you don't want to miss.

4.79 (335 reviews)

Yuling C.

October 2021

The crispy French fries and the cheesesteak tastes awesome!

Tiffany W.

October 2021

Thanks for coming to our school, the food is delicious. We will be definitely visiting!

Michelle D.

September 2021

Friendly staff, tasty food and everything was ready right on schedule!

Ana M.

July 2021

Food was phenomenal!!

She-Tara S.

June 2021

I’m in love with Reds Street Kitchen, I literally stalk when they are going to be in town😩The food is amazing!

maryelizabeth w.

June 2021

The food is always delicious, staff is super friendly and professional. Always excellent food and service!!

Keith S.

April 2021

We loved the food! The bbq additions are excellent — the Korean was an out-of-the-box delight. The fries were perfectly prepared: crisp and hot. We’d urge you to add more jalapeños to the corn bread.

Keith S.

March 2021

The corn beef and cabbage, not to mention the espresso potatoes, we’re all fabulous! What a happy way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Gwendolyn V.

February 2021

Well I ordered a lot of food , first it was the presentation it looked better than the pictures ! Then we tasted it and not a sound for about 5 minutes . Then the praises . Then question, when are you guys coming back . My friends and family are very happy about the food . It's delicious 🤤.

Hayley T.

February 2021

The falafels were very flavorful and the chicken was light and not greasy

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