About Pit Stop Coffee Co.

Pit Stop Coffee Co. Food Truck in Nashville

Pit Stop Coffee Co. is based on an idea that beautiful coffee should be approachable and easy to get. There is generally a blurred line between the consumers cup and the cup their roaster is tasting and grading every day. We’ve created an industry centered around ginormous milk sizes (with the same amount of coffee in an 8oz cup to a 16oz cup) and flavored syrups to overpower the very thing we’re tirelessly working hard to promote - the flavor profile of the coffee bean.

Whether you like your coffee black, with cream, or sugar, we’re are on a mission to find the most flavorful beans and brew the best cup you’ve ever had - no matter how you drink it it.

We look forward to serving you beautiful coffee in unique places!

Our trailer began its journey as a show trailer with Mavam Espresso machines, traveling state-by-state while promoting their product. Built by coffee Veterans Terry Z and Michael Myers Jr., It was the first machine of its kind to solve the complications of precise temperature stability over large volumes of water, thanks to their patented heated transfer system and incredible attention to quality components, it took the specialty coffee industry by storm. Winning the Coffee Fest’s ‘Best New Product’ award reaching the highest scoring ‘Best New Product’ ever, with 100% of the vote in its favor!

The trailer was also built by Terry Z (Caffewerks) with Teardrops NW. Below are some of his adventures with the trailer in 2018. Traveling from the PNW to the Mojave Desert, Flagstaff, AZ to Salt Lake City, and much more. You can find his latest, Ford Transit Coffee Van build and adventures on Instagram @4campn_adventurevan.