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Pickles & Peas

Lebanese, Mediterranean

About Pickles & Peas


Discover Lebanese flavors where classic dishes use authentic artisanship & fresh ingredients to elevate each bite & capture the bold spirit of Beirut.

Pickles & Peas is available for public-facing and private events, traditional and pop-up catering.

4.63 (215 reviews)

Owen O.

October 2023

The people that work there. The French fries are best in La. Attention to detail on point

Shayla H.

July 2023

Omar was just amazing. Beirut Bowl NEVER disappoints! Made the trip from Long Beach completely WORTH IT!!!!

Pooja B.

May 2023

Fresh and light. High quality ingredients. Best truck at MDR beach eats.

Robert D.

April 2023

Delicious Food! Optimum service! Professional, friendly, efficient, with a huge will to please. The truck is immaculate!

Barbara H.

March 2023

The food was amazing! Quick service and great convenience.

Faith M.

July 2022

The fries were awesome. Falafel wraps delicious. And I love the pickles! Very delicious!!!!

Seth K.

May 2020

The flavors are amazing, everything is so good it's hard to pick a favorite but the hummus is insane!

Seth K.

May 2020

Everything was amazing, the harvest bowl was a fun surprise! At first we (my wife and I) thought it was our least favorite/kind of boring, then discovered all the goodies under the rice! Once we mixed everything together it became our cut favorite! The falafel was awesome, the pickles, schwarma and hummus all elite flavor wise! Stoked to have them in our rotation!

MaryMary M.

March 2020

Absolutely delicious wrap and cauliflower side! Tasted exactly as I had hoped and totally hit the spot!! I look forward to my next meal with Pickles 'n Peas!!!!

Michelle I.

February 2020

I don't think they give me everything that they should have. I didn't see any avocado and it was drenched with dressing. I have had it before this just seemed off.