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Nashville Chicken & Waffles


(343 reviews)

Fried Chicken, Hot Chicken, Southern Comfort

About Nashville Chicken & Waffles

We are known for our authentic Hot Chicken and Waffles. We offer plain, Mild, medium or Nashville Hot chicken!
Nashville Chicken and Waffles is giving Nashville, TN that classic southern take out with the crispiest of chicken and fluffiest waffles. It's a food truck after all - one of the fastest growing brands in town- so we're staking our claim to fame with fried chicken on demand for all to enjoy! And you will too at this joint: just ask us fry your bird right up while ordering some fluffy waffles or crispy fries as well.Nashville Chicken & Waffles Food Truck in Nashville

4.76 (343 reviews)

Laura M.

September 2022

!!!! It was delicious, the breading was perfect, the tenders were juicy, and the fries were crispy. I will definitely order again.

Tiffany R.

June 2022

My family loves this food truck. The food is great and the pound cake with caramel icing is fantastic!

Jennie I.

June 2022

Chicken was excellent, perfectly spiced. The waffles soft and sweet. The fried pickles were delicious, and a good size serving. The price for the size of the order was just right. Would order again.

Rachel M.

March 2022

The seasoning! On both the mild chicken and the waffle! Great crunch to the chicken too!

Corey D.

March 2022

Placed my order and it was ready ahead of time. Food was still fresh even after nearly 20 minutes of food being ready. Really appreciated the service!

Janelle H.

March 2022

WOW. This is so delicious!! Any chance I could get the Mac and cheese recipe, because this is the first time I’ve had something compatible to my mom’s, and I almost cried out of nostalgic joy.

Marta B.

March 2022

everything was so good from the service, chicken and waffles and as absolutely delicious and the chicken sandwich was excellent.. best food truck in a while

Chris K.

March 2022

Food was absolutely delicious! We were a little late on ordering, but they had the food ready within 15 minutes! Will order again!

John L.

March 2022

All of it! Had the ckn and waffles, sandwich, fries and fried pickles!

Codey H.

June 2020

Great flavor! Whole family enjoyed the spice of the chicken, the salt of the fries, and the sweetness of a shared waffle. So. Good!