About MozzArepas

MozzArepas Latin Food Truck in New Jersey

Started by the Leon Family in the late 1980's as a concession stand know as Arepa Jumbo in Elizabeth, NJ. Luis & Flor Leon began selling their handmade arepas at many local street fairs to get the word out. The Leon's soon realized that there was a demand for ethnic food at these events and began to form what is now know as Leon's Food Corporation. In the early 1990's in an attempt to attract a more diverse clientele base LFC. Inc. transformed Arepa Jumbo into their registered trademark MozzArepas®.

MozzArepas® quickly grew into a crowd favorite at street fairs & carnivals throughout the tri- state area. Now owned and operated by son's Hervey, Alex & Bryan, MozzArepas® has been revamped & rebranded to expand its reach in everything from food truck/carts to wholesale & distribution for supermarkets & restaurants. We have also expanded our menu to bring you some tasty new variations on the Original MozzArepas® concept. So next time your walking through a street fair and craving that Crunchy, Cheesy, Goodness! remember

"There are many Arepas but there is only One MozzArepas®"