About Mama Voula's

Mama Voula's Food Truck

Mama is a strong woman who raised four kids as a single mom with the help of her brothers. After her husband of 17 years decided to leave America without any notice. This strong woman of God who had been a stay at home mom for 12 years was now in a foreign country, did not speak a word of English was forced to go back to work. Mama was not a stranger to hard work since she started being a housekeeper and a nanny at the age of 9, raising her teacher’s infant twins and taking care their family house with the arrangement that he will teach at night after kids were in bed and the housework including cooking was complete. These arrangements were made in exchange for a little money to help the family. Mama was raised in a small village by two loving parents with four other siblings. Her mom was a fantastic cook and taught her at a very young age the love for cooking. Mama served as a personal chef to many families in Greece and her family and quickly acquired the skills to bring the finest Greek Mediterranean dining from our homeland to your dinner table.

To make a great long story short, Mama was admitted to the hospital for respiratory failure in May of 2015, as she struggled with COPD for many years and had stage four lung disease. After three weeks on life support and no signs of progress, many doctors at two different hospitals all came to the same conclusion for Mama "There is no hope for stage four lung disease. She is going to die. We have done all modern medicine can do." As mama laid there, unconscious, we were all a determined family and friends as we trusted in our faith and the promises of God for her healing. God revealed his promise of healing to each of us at different times. At times when we each needed that confirmation. We gave strength to each other when each of us was weak. Brought each of us closer together and most of all closer to God. On a daily basis, we prayed and believed in this miracle. We believed that we would see our mom dancing at our cousins' wedding that was only three weeks away, as God revealed to us in a vision. Against all the odds and doctors expert opinion, Mama came off life support completely healed. She is a walking miracle. Praise Jesus. For her first time in a very long time, she was able to run around with her grandkids when prier could not even take two steps without her oxygen. For the first time in a very long time, she was able to enjoy living her life. She shared the battles Jesus was fighting while she was unconscious. How he picked her up from the middle of this battle with the enemy to take her life and put her on this mountain and told her it's not the time for you yet, stay here for your family, while he fought for her. She said he picked her up in his arms and as she leaned on his shoulder she described his sweet smell. A smell she will never forget.

At this point, my husband and I decided to start Mama Voula’s. He quit his 30-year career in retail store management and stepped out in faith to make mama's dream come to past. Mama and my husband started Mama Voula’s traveling through the RTP area spreading her love. Like my sister in law Laura always said: “She brought back a piece of heaven in her cooking.”