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Mac n' Cheese Rebel

American Comfort, Hamburgers, Mac And Cheese, Mexican Food, Tacos

About Mac n' Cheese Rebel

Mac n' Cheese Rebel American Food Truck in Los Angeles

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Mac n’ Cheese Rebel was born out of a genuine love for, you guessed it, macaroni and cheese! Husband and wife, Corinne and Alfredo spent a number of years living on a plant-based diet and Corinne’s favorite food since childhood was mac and cheese. Unfortunately, the options on the market were very limited and none of them stood out, so they decided to take matters into their own hands and make the very best dairy free mac and cheese sauce that they could come up with.

It was an instant hit with all of their friends, vegan or not. It was special and delicious. Even as their diets changed over time, the dairy free mac and cheese sauce lived on because it was a genuine hit. Since then Mac and cheese rebel has has added mexican food to the menu, made with the highest quality ingredients and with no lard making them vegan friendly for those who wish to have a mexican vegan option.
They made it for parties and pot lucks (all pre-Covid, of course.) They started being asked to do events with their dairy free mac and cheese.
Everyone loved it!

Alfredo spent many years as a professional chef and always dreamed of opening up his own business in the food industry. Eventually the time came and the thought arose… could a food truck based around this mac and cheese work? They believed it could, but he wanted to bring together two worlds. The world of vegan eaters and non-vegan. Because everyone might not agree on what to eat but everyone can still be friends and everyone wants to eat amazing food. So, then Mac n’ Cheese Rebel came to be. A place where everyone can get an amazing meal.

Mac n' Cheese Rebel is available for food truck catering!

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