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L. A. Tacos and Co.

Mexican Food

About L. A. Tacos and Co.

L.A. Tacos and Co. Mexican Food Truck in Los Angeles

L.A. Tacos and Co. is giving Los Angeles more of what Los Angeles needs. They've got the classic street taco on board, elevated to gourmet style with the use of artisanal ingredients that set them on a whole new level of delicious. The best part? It's all available on the go, out of a food truck roaming the streets in style. We do events, evening neighborhood service, office lunches and food truck catering!

At L.A. Tacos and Co., rest assured you're getting the highest quality tacos around. Here, they've got all those classic meats on the streets, available in a myriad of mouthwatering forms. From carne asada and al pastor to chicken, carnitas and chorizo, get 'em done street taco style topped with diced onions and cilantro, or stuffed in a big ol' burrito with rice and beans for a fulfilling meal that just won't quit. But that's not all. L.A. Tacos and Co. also has breakfast meals, along with tortas, sopes, quesadillas and empanadas. If all this sounds good to you, why wait? Find L.A. Tacos and Co. in LA, or have 'em out to cater your next event. Either way, they aim to please and hit the mark every time.