About Jays Smoqued BBQ

Jays Smoqued BBQ Food Truck in Nashville

From the first time Papa J saw his first open pit barbecue and enjoyed the taste of the meats that It produced; he has been in search of recreating that moment in time that affected him so profoundly. That moment occured over 40 years ago. Papa J took advantage of his military travels to research barbecue. The Phillipines, South Korea, Okinawa Japan and Memphis TN were just a few of the places that Papa J did his research. Asking questions, making observations and taste testing combinations from each of these venues and many more that have not been mentioned. Along this journey Papa J developed a unique process for preparing meat prior to smoking. This preparation and cooking process includes Papa J's secret marinades and rubs that produces some of the best tasting barbecue you've ever had.

Jays Smoqued BBQ is succulent, juicy, well seasoned and kissed with smokey goodness. Our barbecue is sure to give you that down home barbecue dining experience that you've been searching for. At Jays Smoqued BBQ, our focus is to provide you with a quality dining experience that values you as a customer. Quick, quality and pleasant service is our goal and desire for our customers.

Our products are cooked with love. Each step in the cooking process has you (the customer) in mind. Your taste bud happiness while consuming our products brings great joy to Papa J. Visit our Food Truck or schedule a Catering Event. Jays Smoqued BBQ is here to serve you great and memorable food!