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Chef Marco had traveled the world for most of his life, the last destination he traveled to was Italy where he found the love of his life that he later married. He decided to stay in the country and work in a local restaurant learning the Italian way to great food. Chef Marco loved learning the Italian cooking techniques from a sixth generation home taught Italian cook, recipes that had been handed down over the decades. Marco learned and mastered everything he possibly could from his mentor and decided to open his own restaurant in Perugia, Italy. His restaurant was open and an instant success, the demand for his food was so high he couldn't keep up, which brought with it some struggles. He was over worked and had lost the spark to cook great food. He had expressed his desires to get back to his roots of cooking for fun. He wanted to share all the great flavors he had tasted from his global travels but wanted to challenge himself. He moved himself, his wife and young daughter to the USA.

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