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About Heritage Kitchen

Heritage Kitchen LA is a family business that offers the best service to los Angeles community , based in integrity ,flavor good service , we want to give to the angelinos some of our heritage recipes , Nashville fried chicken Sandwiches our signature item ,mixed with our home made sauces the best high quality chicken everything making from the scratch .

4.63 (72 reviews)

Ray F.

May 2021

The chicken salad is the best! So flavorful and good service.

Jay N.

March 2021

The fried chicken strips were among the best we have had from a food truck. Moist, hot, with enough spice to make it interesting

Sarah M.

March 2021

Flavor and quality ingredients. Nashville Chicken Sandwich is amazing!

Ariane K.

March 2021

Amazing flavors on the pesto and Nashville sandwiches!!

Sandie S.

June 2020

The sandwich was delicious and it was ready on time. I really like the food trucks coming to our complex. Thank You!!!

Sarah M.

June 2020

I am crushing hard on this truck. The Nashville chicken sandwich is the best I've ever had! You could feed a family of 4 with it. Amazing!

Jason C.

May 2020

The chicken was cooked perfectly on both sandwiches spices and seasoning was just right

Ross L.

May 2020

Favorite part was the fried chicken. To find fried chicken like that in sandwich - oh yeah