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Heritage LA

Gourmet Eclectic, Organic Fusion

About Heritage LA

Heritage LA Health-Conscious Food Truck in Los Angeles

Heritage is a food truck giving LA balanced, healthy, hearty meals that hit the spot without piling on the weight. In other words, it's giving LA exactly what it craves, over and over again. Bowls are what's on board, or at least until you show up - they tend to disappear rather quickly.From fresh salmon to beef to chicken to a world of fresh veggies and grains that compliment each and every protein, all the bowls are designed to fill you up without weighing you down. And all of them come straight to you when you book Heritage for your next private gig. It's a choice all your guests can be happy with, no matter the diet restrictions, and not an ounce of taste gets sacrificed. It's healthy eating without compromise, and it's principled cooking without equal.

Heritage LA is available for food truck catering!