About Heritage Cocina

Heritage Cocina Mexican Food Truck in Los Angeles

A Little Bit About Heritage LA:
We are an organic, heirloom and local Modern American cuisine truck with a farm to table theme. We serve a variety of delectable cuisines that tantalize the senses. Protein bowls, salads, breakfast setups, and pastas are some of our rotating items. Appetizer stations, hot beverage stations, Formal sit down dinners, Family style dinner, dessert and meat carving stations are some of our catering options as well.

Heritage LA already has a celebrity following (Jessica Alba, Haylie Duff, Julia Roberts, to name a few) . We have filled the bellies of many corporate crews including Nickelodeon, Disney, YAHOO, TMZ, Play Station, YouTube, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Universal Studios, Apple, Staples Center, Los Angeles Convention Center, Face book HQ, Nike, Adidas, Coachella, & More.

Our Mission
Provide an unforgettable experience to all our customers, offering innovative, fresh, and organic products, with a high nutritional content and high quality, that are healthy and contribute nutritional benefits to the consumers.

Our Values
In Heritage LA we always work with PASSION, LOVE, & RESPECT for our craft, which also defines our work ethics. Constantly creating innovative and delicious meals. It all begins in the earth, our close and personal relationships with the farmers that we trade with, allows us to keep proving all our faithful customers with high quality products that we are known for. We are 100% committed to emphasize our attention to detail to ensure that our final product will be of every one’s like.

Heritage Cocina is available for food truck catering!