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About Habibi Shack

Looking for delicious and authentic Mediterranean cuisine for your next event? Look no further than Habibi Shack! Our food truck, based in Los Angeles, offers catering services for any occasion, big or small. From office meetings to weddings and everything in between, we have a variety of mouth-watering dishes to choose from, all made using our homemade and authentic recipes. Let us bring the flavors of the Mediterranean to your event and make it a memorable one. Contact us today to book our catering services.

4.52 (138 reviews)

Ashley L.

April 2024

The flavors were great. The felafel and chicken were very tasty. Also loved the garlic sauce

Brenna K.

July 2022

Delicious falafel and bowls, appreciated the friendly service

Michael M.

August 2021

All good, liked the food, the portions and the service, I was running late when I got there and the trucks were packed up and ready to leave but Habibi Shack had my order and kept it warm.

Kara M.

August 2021

The food was amazing, will definitely be going back! but I was waiting for a long time for notification my food was ready on the app, which is how Ive always ordered and how I’ve always gotten notice it was ready in the past. No big deal but apparently he has been calling my name, and I was killing time elsewhere waiting for the app.

Christine B.

August 2021

Seamless pickup and great food. Nice new van! Shukran Habibi!

October H.

September 2020

! I ordered a chicken wrap and instead they gave me a HUGE burrito,a wrap is significantly smaller than a burrito,I couldn't even pick it up with one hand, it was so messy.

Zaxhary C.

August 2020

Quality and quantity of the food gave us real value

William B.

July 2020

All our foods from the lobster and habibi trucks were excellent.

Megan D.

June 2020

They were super nice and the falafel was delicious!

Suzanne B.

January 2020

I ordered a chicken wrap, received a beef wrap and didn't realize it until after I bit into it.. that aside it was very good!