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Flip'n Tasty Filipino Food Truck in Tampa

Flip'n Tasty all started as a joke, a tease...what was going on in their minds? Well, they love to cook and their 6 teenage boys love to eat! One day Cristina came home from work and said "how cool would it be to have a Filipino Food Truck"? Since there really isn't a Filipino food truck out in the Tampa Bay area, that is all she had to say. Before you know it the next few days there was all kinds of books and research printed out. A couple months later there was a truck in their driveway and three months after that they were doing their first event with Flip'n Tasty.

Cristina and Keith love and enjoy cooking, experiment cook and try new things. Their 6 teenagers, family & friends are their food taste testers. The kids help name the food truck as they would usually say "this food is so tasty, delicious, yummy, so good." Then one day Cristina was talking to her sister and that's when "Flip" came into the conversation as for meaning Filipino. When you put it all together the name "Flip'n Tasty" just flowed.

You'll find Flip'n Tasty serving Traditional Filipino Fusion Food throughout the Tampa Bay area in your surrounding neighborhood communities for dinner, local events, school functions, breweries, lunches, pop-up locations, food truck catering and more. They also do custom catering, family meal pre-orders, Lumpia special orders, food tray orders and more. All can be pre-ordered for pick up at any location they are out and about. Flip'n Tasty are occasionally adding new items so keep an eye on the menu.
Most of the food served are using Cristina's family recipes along with her own. As time goes on they are adding a little more "fusion" twist to certain dishes, that's where Keith comes into play. They occasionally have a special on the menu. Continue to follow them on Facebook & Instagram. "She's the Filipina & He's the Fusion" See you on the streets and come on out to "Get Your Flip On"!
Salamat = Thank You!