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Thank you for choosing EggsQuisite Sweets! I have been creating special cakes since 2010. My children were my inspiration. The first cake I ever made was for my daughter, Katelynn. I baked a cake in a glass bowl, flipped it upside down and shoved a barbie in the center. Then decorated the outside to look like a dress. The delight on my Children's faces was heavenly. I've been addicted to seeing that expression on little one's faces ever since! As time has gone on, I have developed my own recipes using real ingredients. I use fruits from local farms. Cakes this fresh cannot be found at the local grocery store. There is nothing better than a cake made from scratch using real eggs, butter and milk and topped with a delicious creamy buttercream icing.

Although I have a special place in my heart for making the perfect birthday cake, my addiction doesn't stop there!