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Dulce Europa Shaved Ice


About Dulce Europa Shaved Ice

Dulce Europa Shaved Ice Food Truck in Los Angeles

Premium Shaved Ice Food Truck In LA!
Dulce Europa is the perfect place to cool off during your summertime travels in Los Angeles. Not only do we offer up a wide variety of flavors, but our snow cones are made using 100% real ingredients from fresh fruit juices and other wholesome food items brought into Sun Valley by its very own farmers! Unlike traditional shaved ice trucks that use syrups full of sugar and artificial flavorings, Dulce Europa offers homemade flavors featuring seasonal fruits grown locally by the region's finest suppliers.
Dulce Europa is a delectable combination of California's sweetly ripened fruits and Mexico's finest recipes.
With an ever changing menu based on what's new around town this week or next - you'll never get bored at one single stop again!