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About Dreamy Creations

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Who are we?
We are certified small woman owned and operated business. Specifically Mother & Daughter! We are a very diverse company with a team full of amazing individuals with different views and backgrounds. We started Dreamy Creations about 13 years ago out of necessity and it has grown into a beautiful butterfly! Our logo “a butterfly” stands for a powerful transformation & endurance. The butterfly communicates our message still as a company today since we are committed to the constant growth and change for the highest good of all.

Our Purpose : To come together everyday to serve the most delicious desserts paired with quality, convenience, and great customer service.

Our Mission: To bring sweet happiness to everyone all over the world through organic, non gmo, gluten free and vegan cupcakes.

Our Vision : To bring Dreamy Creations to every home in the United States bringing families and friends together over delicious cupcakes and sweets creating happiness while uplifting our community through giving back.

A few Important things

Equality : Ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity
Diversity : Taking into account the differences between people and groups of people and placing a positive value on those differences
Anti Bullying : Opposed to and standing against bullying
Allergy friendly : An allergy is a chronic condition involving an abnormal reaction to a ordinary harmless substance called an allergen. We try to create sweets and options everyone can enjoy
Sustainable ingredients : Able to be maintained and upheld as we grow
Entrepreneurship & Education : We have created and taught many students from high school to college with hands on experience in their field as we grow we hope to offer the opportunity for entrepreneurs to own and operate their very own Dreamy Creations Truck!
Animals : Transitioning into more plant based products that are good for humans and animals by creating delicious vegan sweets.
The Environment : To create more and more sustainable practices to maintain natural resources and avoid jeopardizing the ability fo future generations to meet their needs.
People: People are the backbone to our success, with out you we can't continue to grow, innovate, serve, create and thrive. You are and always will be apart of our decision making process so we may continue to better serve you.

4.95 (20 reviews)

Richard G.

September 2019

The ice cream and service with a smile! What else can you ask for? A+

Anthony T.

August 2019

its so good


August 2019

Vanilla and churro is a great combo.