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District Burger American Comfort Food Truck in Los Angeles

District Burger is serving up burgers as unique as the city of Los Angeles itself. With its massive size, each district within the city has a distinct culture and taste profile - but luckily District Burger understands it more than anyone else! This food truck serves only gourmet 'burgers,' custom-made with locally sourced ingredients that are influenced by an array of cultures from all over LA's diverse neighborhoods.
Each patty is 6 ounces of angus beef goodness, made an even heartier meal with toppings that range from savory to sweet and oh so fulfilling.
We also offer vegetarian options such as Vegetarian Gardenburger Patty.

District Burger is available for food truck catering!

4.67 (59 reviews)

Angelica A.

June 2023

The Burger was delicious! Flavor combination was awesome!

Sylvanna R.

March 2022

Food was made super fast and taste great.

Brian K.

February 2021

Burgers were messy but great. Fantastic fries and onion rings.

Bibi S.

December 2020

The food was delicious!!!!

Regina G.

July 2020

Yummy onion rings. I was glad I found the email to pre-order. 😊

Scott M.

July 2020

Great burger and fries

Carol M.

July 2020

That was one of the best burgers I've ever had (and I am not a huge burger fan). Cooked perfectly, good quality meat, very tasty condiments! Yum.......