About DC Slices

DC Slices Pizza Food Truck in Washington

When Washington DC natives Eric Duensing and Tom MacDonald got together for pints on a brisk Fall night in 2009, they commiserated over DC’s tragic lack of hot, fresh, New York-style pizza by the slice. It was a problem they decided to fix once and for all, and for veteran vendor Tom the solution was a no-brainer: build a food truck and travel to any and all parts of the DMV lacking good ‘za.

A few months later DC Slices made its first appearance on a Friday in April at Farragut Square, marking what would soon become a weekly tradition in the quickly growing food truck scene. When Eric and Tom realized that they couldn’t keep up with rising demand for their delicious slices on their own, they brought in, current General Manager, and now co-owner, Zachary Graybill as DC Slices’ first full time crew member. Soon thereafter, DC Slices was going to five lunch locations a week and becoming a weekend staple out front of Dodge City on U St and Ultra Bar in Chinatown.

To keep up with the pace of growth, DC Slices has had the pleasure of working with many people from the area over the years. We currently have a full-time staff of 12 and while Tom is no longer involved, two veteran staffers, John Strocko and Andrew Knepp joined the DC Slices LLC partnership. Blessed with many talented individuals, DC Slices, hopes to extend partnership to more veteran staffers. Our crew add tons of talent and help the many aspects of the growing operations that makes DC Slices a successful brand.