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Dark Side Of The Moo

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About Dark Side Of The Moo

Dark Side Of The Moo American Comfort Food Truck in New Jersey

Welcome to Dark Side Of The Moo - a restaurant and food truck group specializing in unique burgers and sandwiches. Established in 2012, we set out to bring the extraordinary to the masses. At any given time you will find kangaroo, alligator, yak, bison and many other proteins on our menu for you to try! All our game meats are pasture raised on a natural diet - if not entirely grass fed - with no antibiotics or growth hormones ever. For those not quite ready to explore the exotic we have creative burgers and sandwiches available for your enjoyment. We have vegetarian items, vegan and gluten free options available too. So what are you waiting for?

Stop by our restaurant in Jersey City or keep an eye out for our food truck at a festival near you! We can also fill your food truck catering needs.