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About Cubano X-Press

Cubano X-Press Cuban Food Truck in New Jersey

My name is Henry F Sanchez. I have been a chef for 33 years (actually a little more). My passion for food started in The Culinary Institute of America in upstate New York.
It expanded through the years as an executive chef at "Gallagher's Steakhouse" in NYC, "Smith and Wollensky" in Miami Beach, "Taste" in NJ and many other places.

While in Miami I had the opportunity to expand and explore my knowledge of Caribbean food.
Curiosity sneaked in. After exploring the food truck world, meeting wonderful people and eating my way through this new adventure I decided to embark in this new journey; hoping that you will fall in love as I did with the flavors of the Caribbean.

My sidekick is Brenda Rosa.
The only thing that we disagree on is in football teams.
She is a New England Patriots Fan. Thank God that Tom Brady is no longer in the team; but he is still winning Super Bowls!!!!
I'm a hardcore Jets fan (someday, someday... we will make it to the Super Bowl)

4.49 (39 reviews)

Katie B.

June 2020

The Cubans sandwich!

rachael c.

June 2020

!! Amazing! Please come back

Patrick R.

May 2020

Portions were huge!

Jennifer D.

May 2020

Everything was delicious, but especially the croquettes!

Tracy F.

December 2019

Delicious food

Jamie P.

December 2019

Super fast, totally yummy!